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An Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop who loves to see what can be drawn out of a RAW file.

Cheetah in the Grass Revealed

The light was failing. Dark clouds were moving in blocking even the most determined rays of light from the setting sun. For two cheetah brothers out hunting with their mother this was not a problem, but it was pretty poor […]

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Layer Stacking: HDR Alone Is Not Enough

For years I have been searching for the the right HDR program, the right combination of sliders, the perfect preset that would work magic with my bracketed RAW captures and spit out an image that matched what I had in […]

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New Gallery of Fine Art HDR Landscapes

It is impossible for any camera to capture in a single image all of the levels of brightness that our eyes can see when we look at a scene. Using several different frames of varying exposures it is possible to […]

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A Discussion About Art

Last month I was interviewed by Ed Wedman from Exhibitions Without Walls. EWW hosts six competitions a year. These are juried contests that seek to promote fine art photographers and digital artists on a global platform.
I was really honoured to […]

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Honourable Mention in Natures Expressions Contest

My Rhino Trio image received an honourable mention in the Exhibitions Without Walls: Nature’s Expressions fine art contest. This is the first time I have won an award in a juried competition.
Exhibitions Without Walls accepting entries to their next contest […]

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How Pinterest Is Working For Me

When I first heard about Pinterest two weeks ago I could not see what possible purpose it would serve in my life. I signed up for an account anyways just because I have learned that the early bird in these […]

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Pikto gallery competition

The PIKTO gallery in Toronto, Canada is running a gallery competition right now. They are looking for 15 images all relating to a specific theme. I wanted to try creating a collection of images that expressed some of the challenges […]

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Drawing the Art out of the Image

It is always exciting when you round a corner in a game park and come upon a group of animals interacting with each other. This happens all the time with zebra, buffalo, gazelles and such. These guys find safety in […]

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Image or Art?

So what is it that takes any given image from the category of photograph and elevates it to the category of art? Chris Orwig in his book Visual Poetry says that “good art entails pulling together little fragments of the […]

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…and so it begins

Since this is my first blog I figure I may as well start off the way I start each new photography class that I teach. In an effort to get my students to change their photographic perspective I have them […]

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