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Chill Cheetah Texture Blend

Cheetahs are my favourite animal. They always appear so chill and relaxed. This mother was poised on a termite mound, casually scanning the savannah for her next meal. There was some gentle back light, and the background was nice and […]

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Preening Ostrich Texture Blend Fine Art

I am excited to be preparing for my first fine art exhibition in April. This is pushing me to dig deep into my photo archives and re-process some of my old favourite images from the past.
This ostrich image was taken […]

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Color and Tonality

It is a marvel of modern engineering that allows microscopic red, green, or blue filters to be placed over individual light-sensitive cells on a camera sensor allowing us to capture the full range of colours of the scene in front […]

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Use Luminosity Blending to Combine Color and Black & White

While on a long drive yesterday I was listening to some old podcasts of Nik Radio episodes. They were interviewing Australian fine art photographer Tony Hewitt. Tony mentioned a image editing technique that I thought sounded interesting. He suggested using […]

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