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Zebra Herd Texture Blend

Yesterday I went for an “African Photo Safari’ with two of the 13 year old boys from our dorm. Now, in reality we just walked around the guard trail that encircles our campus. But, it was in Africa, and we […]

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Color and Tonality

It is a marvel of modern engineering that allows microscopic red, green, or blue filters to be placed over individual light-sensitive cells on a camera sensor allowing us to capture the full range of colours of the scene in front […]

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Editing Long-nose & Crooked-tusk

A 50mm lens is not commonly considered a go to lens for an African photo safari. But I was determined to come back with something different from this safari. With this in mind I was intentional to pull out my […]

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Topi Sunrise image wins high commendation

Despite the fact that this site is dedicated to artistic renderings of images, one of my straight, unmanipulated images was awarded a high commendation in the Wild Eye nature photography contest. Read about the image and the back story on […]

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New Gallery of Fine Art HDR Landscapes

It is impossible for any camera to capture in a single image all of the levels of brightness that our eyes can see when we look at a scene. Using several different frames of varying exposures it is possible to […]

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A Discussion About Art

Last month I was interviewed by Ed Wedman from Exhibitions Without Walls. EWW hosts six competitions a year. These are juried contests that seek to promote fine art photographers and digital artists on a global platform.
I was really honoured to […]

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How Pinterest Is Working For Me

When I first heard about Pinterest two weeks ago I could not see what possible purpose it would serve in my life. I signed up for an account anyways just because I have learned that the early bird in these […]

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Image or Art?

So what is it that takes any given image from the category of photograph and elevates it to the category of art? Chris Orwig in his book Visual Poetry says that “good art entails pulling together little fragments of the […]

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