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Majestic Male Lion on a Mound

After strolling right past our Land Rover, then mating with his lady friend, this majestic male enthroned himself on a large termite mound. A few minutes later the female killed a wildebeest, which he helped her devour. I think we […]

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Editing Long-nose & Crooked-tusk

A 50mm lens is not commonly considered a go to lens for an African photo safari. But I was determined to come back with something different from this safari. With this in mind I was intentional to pull out my […]

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Cheetah in the Grass Revealed

The light was failing. Dark clouds were moving in blocking even the most determined rays of light from the setting sun. For two cheetah brothers out hunting with their mother this was not a problem, but it was pretty poor […]

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Image or Art?

So what is it that takes any given image from the category of photograph and elevates it to the category of art? Chris Orwig in his book Visual Poetry says that “good art entails pulling together little fragments of the […]

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…and so it begins

Since this is my first blog I figure I may as well start off the way I start each new photography class that I teach. In an effort to get my students to change their photographic perspective I have them […]

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