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An Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop who loves to see what can be drawn out of a RAW file.

My Artist’s Statement

The world is charged with the grandeur of God. My goal as an artist is to seek out the beauty that has been packed in to the natural world and draw attention to it.
Years of study and training have instilled […]

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Photo Art Exhibition and Sale

I am excited to announce my first public photo art exhibition and sale. The event will be held at the Sarit Centre exhibition hall in Nairobi, Kenya on April 12th to the 14th. Admission is free and proceeds from the […]

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Chill Cheetah Texture Blend

Cheetahs are my favourite animal. They always appear so chill and relaxed. This mother was poised on a termite mound, casually scanning the savannah for her next meal. There was some gentle back light, and the background was nice and […]

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Preening Ostrich Texture Blend Fine Art

I am excited to be preparing for my first fine art exhibition in April. This is pushing me to dig deep into my photo archives and re-process some of my old favourite images from the past.
This ostrich image was taken […]

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Zebra Herd Texture Blend

Yesterday I went for an “African Photo Safari’ with two of the 13 year old boys from our dorm. Now, in reality we just walked around the guard trail that encircles our campus. But, it was in Africa, and we […]

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Color and Tonality

It is a marvel of modern engineering that allows microscopic red, green, or blue filters to be placed over individual light-sensitive cells on a camera sensor allowing us to capture the full range of colours of the scene in front […]

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Use Luminosity Blending to Combine Color and Black & White

While on a long drive yesterday I was listening to some old podcasts of Nik Radio episodes. They were interviewing Australian fine art photographer Tony Hewitt. Tony mentioned a image editing technique that I thought sounded interesting. He suggested using […]

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Majestic Male Lion on a Mound

After strolling right past our Land Rover, then mating with his lady friend, this majestic male enthroned himself on a large termite mound. A few minutes later the female killed a wildebeest, which he helped her devour. I think we […]

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Editing Long-nose & Crooked-tusk

A 50mm lens is not commonly considered a go to lens for an African photo safari. But I was determined to come back with something different from this safari. With this in mind I was intentional to pull out my […]

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Topi Sunrise image wins high commendation

Despite the fact that this site is dedicated to artistic renderings of images, one of my straight, unmanipulated images was awarded a high commendation in the Wild Eye nature photography contest. Read about the image and the back story on […]

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